4 reasons you should be working with a certified partner for your communications solutions (and which certifications are key)

Posted by Freddie Potgieter on 14 Nov 2018 11:00:00 AM

Not all communications solutions are created equal and when it comes to your organisation finding a bespoke solution is key. Working with a certified partner ensures that you get highly skilled individuals implementing solutions that are endorsed by world-class service providers.

When it comes to communications solutions there is no one size fits all approach. Each company has its own unique challenges that require specialised solutions. It takes time, money, and expertise to craft solutions that will bring about results.                                                       

Certified partners have not only made significant financial investments in human capital, infrastructure, and products, but also have many years of experience operating across a range of verticals in different industries, particularly in applying global standards to the African context.

Which certifications are important?

Atos Unify (formerly Siemens) and Microsoft are well known globally and with good reason. They are both pioneers in their respective fields and industries and have the best quality and security requirements - and this is exactly what you want when looking for certifications.

Nashua Communications has the following certifications:

Microsoft Gold Communication certification which shows that we have demonstrated best-in-class capability within the Microsoft communications solution area.

Microsoft Silver Messaging certification which proves our consistent capability, expertise, and commitment within the Microsoft messaging environment.

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Master 3 Level 1 Atos Unify accreditation, we are the only partner with this, the highest accreditation in South Africa, which means that Nashua Communications is an accredited training centre that can train both customers and partners. We are accredited in Master OpenScape Enterprise, 4000, Business and Contact Center.

Audiocodes Session Border Controllers platinum partner,  which means we can offer you the benefit of a best-of-breed VoIP network solutions.

Benefits of working with a certified partner for your communications solutions

Working with certified partners gives your organisation a competitive advantage because you’re safe in the knowledge that you’re working with the best, not only in terms of expertise, but service delivery and products too.

1. Certified partners work directly with the company

As a certified partner, we at Nashua Communications have regular meetings with our international partners not only to stay abreast of the latest developments, but also to discuss the South African market and its specific needs. With a direct line to our partners, we’re able to negotiate on your behalf to ensure your organisation gets a bespoke solution and escalates any challenges if need be.

2. Certified partners have access to a highly specialised knowledge base and technical support team

When paired with our years of expertise and proven track record, our access to an in-depth knowledge base, as well as the technical support teams that are available 24/7, enables us to provide not only  the best but also timely solutions.

3. Certified partners are regularly valued and assessed which ensures world-class infrastructure, implementation and servicing

In order to become a certified partner, service providers are held to very high global standards that they need to uphold and maintain. This ensures that certified partners achieve the highest levels of credibility.

While no accreditation is the same, each requires that a certain amount of engineers, technicians and sales are certified in the latest technologies and solutions to ensure that they are trusted, experts.

As a partner, a company will invest heavily in staff to ensure that they are world class. Often technicians are sent for overseas training and many have policies where training is open to all staff. This ensures that they remain professionally qualified people with the required expertise.

In addition to an investment in human capital, certified partners also invest heavily in infrastructure such as laboratories and guarantee stock levels. This enables partners to not only plan but to also implement and support bespoke solutions.

4. Certified partners must demonstrate a high level of customer service that is results driven

Certified partners need to provide customer references and case studies that show customer satisfaction as well as successful implementations. Business competency assessments allow partners, as we do at Nashua Communications, to demonstrate our proven expertise and high level of industry experience in delivering quality solutions in specialised areas of business.

How to check if a communications solutions company is certified

If a service provider claims to be certified, be sure to always check. As a company, you may ask to see the certificates or alternatively check the partner website, where you will find a list of accredited companies as well as the certifications they hold. For Nashua Communications, check the Microsoft Partner Portal or Find a Partner on Atos Unify.

Becoming a certified partner for world-class organisations like Atos Unify or Microsoft enables us to show customers that we are reliable and highly skilled. It shows that Nashua Communications is part of a framework that recognises and rewards expertise and specialisation and also has the backing of the company.

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