6 reasons why you want a communications company with a customer-centric service delivery approach

Posted by Cedric Van der Merwe on 03 Apr 2019 11:02:00 AM

In today’s fast-changing economic climate, it is more important than ever to put the customer first. But what exactly does a customer-centric approach mean and why is it crucial to go with a communications company that offers a customer-centric service delivery approach?

Businesses are constantly having to evolve in order to stay relevant . In today’s economy, it is becoming crucial to bridge the divide between the product or service and the consumer. The customer is at the centre of any business and organisations that put the customer first are not only experiencing returning customers but customers with a longer customer lifetime value (CLV).

A customer-centric approach is more than simply offering good service. It is about creating a business model that focuses on consumers and their needs right from creating awareness about the service or product to becoming a repeat purchaser. This type of operating model doesn’t happen overnight and requires commitment from the organisation as well as suppliers.

When it comes to choosing suppliers, like a communications company, always go with those that offer a customer-centric service delivery approach.

  • Increase revenue

A communications company that focuses on a customer-centric service delivery approach will always ensure that solutions are aligned to and meet the customer’s needs and address any problems. They know that the customer comes first. Consumers are willing to pay more for a good customer experience and are more likely to return and recommend the service or product to people that they interact with on a daily basis. This, in turn, means an increase in revenue.

  • Enables agility in decision making

In order to serve the company and customer better, most services come with communications apps which help improve service delivery by allowing quicker response times from technicians and increase efficiency through collaboration. Through apps, like Teams for Microsoft, you can set up meetings, groups and technical sessions quickly. You also gain access to reports and technicians in real time which helps speed up the resolution of any issues that may arise.

 “Communications apps help a company increase efficiency through collaboration and speed up the decision-making process by having access to information in real time” – Clint Hyland, Nashua Communications

  • Improves internal operations

Perhaps counter-intuitively, focusing on employees helps foster a customer-centric environment. As Richard Branson says, “Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients”.

At Nashua Communications, we realise this paradox and ensure that our service and systems, like those within our call centre environment, enhance the experience of the contact centre staff. The latest ergonomic devices support the use of preferred operating systems as well as the use of personal devices like mobile phones. Being in the cloud means that agents don’t need to be fixed to one location and that backups and upgrades can easily be done without any downtime.

  • Highly skilled and well-trained staff

It is important that your communications company uses highly skilled engineers that are certified to work on the products that the company offers. At Nashua Communications, our engineers have the highest level certification in call centre support and installation. We have Gold Partner status with Microsoft and are accredited with UNIFY. Our technicians are constantly improving their skills to remain relevant and up - to - date.

Not only are our technicians highly skilled in their specific areas of expertise, but we also maintain excellent service delivery through the ITIL framework, which has been proven to work. Furthermore, we remain up - to - date with ISO requirements and environmental processes. This coupled with a dedicated and committed staff who follow industry guidelines and company principles, allows us to achieve service excellence for our clients. All of this helps foster patience, empathy, as well as knowledge about products and services and this positive attitude, helps create a great communications system that puts the client’s needs first.

  • Services that support the strategic objectives and core functions of the business

By looking at the customer’s needs first, a communications company can  offer a solution that also supports their overall business objectives. To ensure that progress is made, an SLA needs to be set up that is customised to the customer’s specific requirements. This ensures that a high level of service is maintained and results are achieved. An experienced partner, like Nashua Communications, can give you the  service and solutions that are the right fit for your organisation with guaranteed outcomes.

  • National footprint to provide service to customers all over the country

With cloud services, customers can receive service from anywhere although  the importance of face-to-face service must not be underestimated. Customers have direct contact with technicians, where each division is equipped to deal with specific areas and, with 24/7 year-round service uptime, Nashua communications is always on call and available to help. We understand that when issues arise, solutions need to be found quickly, otherwise the customer will be exposed to reputational, financial and client losses..

With the industry constantly changing, it is important to have staff that are expertly trained on products and who “can” and “not”.  only meet but exceed the expectations of customers. Focusing on service delivery that supports the end user helps boost morale and productivity which improves the ROI and overall efficiency within the organisation. Now more than ever, customers are expecting companies to deliver more than just their products.

This is why it is critical to go with a communications company that can measure and meet the customer’s needs and expectations throughout the entire consumer journey by focusing on a company-wide solution.


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