Johnny Kromer

Johnny Kromer
Starting his career as a Technician, Johnny quickly moved on to becoming a system specialist for large switching systems and spent a year in Belgium in the international support centre handling all system related queries from South Africa, India, Spain and Ireland. An expert in PABX, VoIP, and cloud-based communication systems, Johnny is now the Divisional Manager of the Technology team at Nashua. When he isn’t exploring the world of technology you’ll find him fishing in his favourite stop. And besides fishing, his favourite things are his Harley and expensive toys.
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Nashua Communications and our new reality: How we kept our company going during the Lockdown.

Posted by Johnny Kromer on 02 Jul 2020 12:30:00 PM

Man makes plans, and God laughs. That statement could define how every executive and business owner feels. 2020 was going to be a tough year regardless, but we had plans to navigate it, or so we thought.

The Covid-19 outbreak and resultant global shutdowns were not on anybody's radar in January. Even while faced with the reality in March, none of us could comprehend its impact on business and economies around the world.

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The ultimate checklist for upgrading PABX to SIP and Trunk Lines

Posted by Johnny Kromer on 17 Jun 2020 1:04:27 PM

Here's a checklist for switching from copper-based lines to SIP connections.

SIP is now the global standard in telephony, so organisations that are not using it will need to rethink their telephony systems. Switching to SIP is a meticulous process that can be handled by either the internal IT team or the SIP service provider. The following are some steps and considerations to take when upgrading a PABX to SIP trunk lines.

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Why voice quality enables an effective meeting experience

Posted by Johnny Kromer on 04 Jun 2020 11:45:00 AM

Stress, migraines, low productivity, and memory problems have been linked to low voice quality. A purpose-built virtual meeting room along with the right habits can avoid all of that.

Recently the world has been leaning towards remote working and virtual meetings. Organisations that were still mulling over the idea of virtual meetings have been pushed into it by the Coronavirus pandemic as in-person meetings with teams, customers, or suppliers were becoming impossible. Although the pandemic will end at some point , its effects on how we work will remain.

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[PRESS RELEASE] Nashua Communications names the first Partner for CONTACTCENTER4ALL (CC4ALL) in South Africa

Posted by Johnny Kromer on 17 Mar 2020 2:15:00 PM

As of January 2020, Nashua Communications was named the first (and only) partner offering the CONTACTCENTER4ALL (CC4ALL) solution in South Africa. 

CC4ALL is the future of call centre technology. Built to seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Teams, Dynamics, or Skype for Business, the CC4ALL products are the tools that are going to give your contact centre team the ability to use their internet browser as a phone. All that is required to use the CC4ALL software is Microsoft Office 365 and a headset. Once connected, your Contact Centre Agents can work wherever they need to.

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How does the 4th Industrial Revolution affect communications?

Posted by Johnny Kromer on 05 Mar 2020 12:00:00 PM

The SA government is spearheading a 4IR revolution. How will this affect communications in SA? How will it affect employment in the industry? Which skills are critical for the 4IR?

The 4IR is a fusion of technologies namely: robotics, artificial intelligence, internet of things, digitalisation, and automation. 4IR is now possible at scale using cloud technology. 4IR has touched every industry, including the communication industry.

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