[WHITE PAPER] The future of cloud communication in business

Posted by Kalindie Naidoo on 07 Aug 2019 11:00:00 AM

The future of cloud and 5G offers exciting new opportunities. Here’s why it’s important for your company to be poised to take advantage of this upcoming new tech.

The technology of the future such as artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, digital assistants, and the Internet of Things (IoT) need cloud services to be viable. This means the cloud industry will be at the centre of innovation in the years to come.

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Mind the gap: tech readiness is the new divide [GUEST BLOG]

Posted by Arthur Goldstuck on 18 Jul 2019 12:00:00 PM

Updates in technology and connectivity give organisations an avenue to do business better, but not everyone is embracing it.

It seems obvious: if a new technology is shown to improve business efficiency and profit, everyone will embrace it. Right? Wrong. The reality of this equation is that it does not depend on what is obvious, nor on clear benefits.

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Exciting times: Data center developments in South Africa

Posted by Videsh Juggernarth on 10 Jul 2019 1:35:00 PM

Local data centre developments in South Africa

Proper infrastructure and increased connectivity has given rise to local data centres. What are the benefits of having data centres on home ground and how will this change business in South Africa, and the continent as a whole? In this blog  we explore the development and impact of local data centres in South Africa. 

When we talk about data centres we also need to talk about the cloud. Data centres are physical servers that reside in specific locations, while the cloud relies on these data centres to operate. Data centres provide the necessary infrastructure for high-speed connectivity and are therefore the heartbeat of any cloud service. Globally, data centres have provided business solutions that not only save time but also money. So why has it taken so long for local data centres to be implemented in South Africa?

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Ask the expert: How do cloud service providers keep my data secure?

Posted by Videsh Juggernarth on 12 Jun 2019 11:00:00 AM

To get an insight into how cloud security works, we talked to our resident expert Videsh Juggernarth.

Cloud servers on average have high security levels which are set by original equipment manufacturers such as Microsoft, Unify, Amazon, and Google. They create the various products and services which service providers such as Nashua Communications provide. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and service providers alike make sure that there is a basic level of insulation in place at all times, this refers to the basic level of security that is implemented when moving an organisation to the cloud. This basic insulation can be adapted or strengthened according to the customer’s specific security requirements. For example, a financial services company will have more stringent security requirements when compared to a retail organisation, even though they use the same cloud service.

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The burning question: What should your call centre systems have?

Posted by Cedric Van der Merwe on 29 May 2019 11:00:00 AM

Call centres have evolved and moved from being stand-alone telephone systems to integrated, automated, always on contact centres that are able to solve consumers’ issues. Here’s what call centre systems should take note of and include.

Call centres often conjure up images of rows and rows of desks with people sitting behind them answering calls but modern call centres have evolved to be so much more than this. The call centre is essentially the front line of any business that provides a product or service at scale. And as customers become more demanding, customer service can be what sets a business apart from its competitors. According to the Microsoft 2018 State of Global Customer Service report, 61% of consumers have stopped doing business with a brand due to poor customer service.

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