Ask the expert: What is the importance of having expert headsets for your call centre?

Posted by Christopher Bell on 13 Mar 2019 11:00:00 AM

In today’s economic climate it is easy to opt for short-term savings without realising the impact this could have in the long run. When it comes to running a call centre, headsets are a critical factor for success. Find out how Nashua Communications can help not only get expert equipment but also offer valuable services to ensure that your call centre operates successfully.

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The pros and cons of on-premise vs moving to the cloud [Guest post]

Posted by Mike Swift on 06 Mar 2019 11:01:00 AM

As the debate between cloud and on-premise continues, find out why cloud is increasingly becoming the choice over on-premise and what you need to know to make an informed decision between the two.

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Ask the experts: Why user adoption for collaboration tools is so important

Posted by Elmarie Turner on 27 Feb 2019 11:00:00 AM

New technology demands that organisations have user adoption strategies that will ensure success. Nashua Communications’ expert Adoption and Change Management (ACM) Team (Elmarie Turner, Charleen Howroyd and Kalindi Naidoo) talk us through this.

Change, by nature, is hard to implement. As a communications company, Nashua Communications has successfully helped organisations implement new collaboration technology and held their hands through the change. The benefits of evolving your technology is a given - what is often hard is doing it right. What a lot of organisations struggle with is finding the right technological solution for their specific needs. Furthermore, one of the biggest challenges to adopting new technology is moving staff from what they know and are comfortable with to something new.  

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How to achieve effective internal communication across your organisation

Posted by Freddie Potgieter on 20 Feb 2019 11:00:00 AM

A culture of open and effective communication thrives inside a company when a clear communication strategy is exercised by top management through efficient communication tools.

The Holmes Report, which surveyed 400 companies in the US and UK, showed that companies with ineffective internal communication structures suffered total losses of $37 billion for the year due to misunderstandings between employee. This included actions or errors of omission by employees who were misinformed about company policies, business process, or job functions. But the report also highlighted the positive effects of open communication. Companies with leaders who effectively communicated to their employees produced a 47% higher return to shareholders over a five-year period, compared to those who neglected communication.

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Pain of change: How Nashua Communications demystified the Digital Transformation Journey using Skype for Business in a large municipality [CASE STUDY]

Posted by Freddie Potgieter on 13 Feb 2019 11:00:00 AM

With an excellent Adoption and Change Management strategy, we helped a local municipality to implement a technology strategy to save them both time and money.  

As part of the 4th Industrial Revolution, our South African ICT landscape has a clear understanding of Digitisation and Business Transformation. As a trusted unified communications expert, Nashua Communications proactively partnered with Microsoft to assist a large local municipality to demystify the Digital Transformation journey.   

The project goal was to prove that Skype for Business can assist in resolving departmental collaboration challenges (outlined in more detail below), save time and money, and increase adoption of an application where the usage measurement didn’t drive a positive return on that investment. 

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