[WHITE PAPER] How collaboration tools assist virtual training

Posted by Elmarie Turner on 30 Oct 2019 11:00:00 AM

Collaboration tools can be used effectively for virtual training. Our white paper helps you understand how you can leverage virtual training to enhance staff skills, knowledge, and performance. We also share some of our training techniques.

Virtual training has become accessible to both small and large organisations thanks to the advancement of collaboration tools. These tools can handle voice calls, live video feeds, sharing of documents, screen sharing, and so much more. The market is teeming with software and hardware providers from trusted brands like Microsoft, Unify, Slack, Cisco etc.

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Topics: Adoption and Change Management

Ask The Expert: Is Voice Still Relevant to Communication Platforms?

Posted by Johnny Kromer on 02 Oct 2019 11:00:00 AM

Since the invention of the telephone, voice technology has exploded across the globe, changing the way that communication is viewed and used. With cloud technology now becoming commonplace amongst communication platforms, some are left wondering where voice fits into this modern mix.

Communication inventions, like the cellphone and, more recently, Siri and Alexa, have entirely changed the way voice technology is viewed and used by businesses and the public alike. Cloud communication is becoming commonplace, an offering expected by consumers, but it’s leaving some wondering where voice fits into the modern mix. 

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What we learned from the Microsoft Inspire conference

Posted by Videsh Juggernarth on 25 Sep 2019 3:40:07 PM

Nashua Communications was at Microsoft Inspire 2019, here is what got us excited.

Microsoft held its annual conference in Nevada this year - Microsoft Inspire, where new products and innovations are presented along with Microsoft's roadmap into the future. As a global partner, we always enjoy this event with its training programmes and networking events - where global Microsoft partners can meet and connect.

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The Complete PCI Compliance Checklist

Posted by Andrew Fouche on 19 Sep 2019 8:30:00 AM

With the increased number and intelligence of fraud and cyber-attacks, it has become relatively easy for hackers and other external parties to gain access to sensitive information that your company may be handling, if it is not correctly protected.

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Topics: Data Compliance

Maintaining Data Compliance with Evolving Communication Tech

Posted by Videsh Juggernarth on 04 Sep 2019 11:00:00 AM

As communication technology evolves, compliance by organisations becomes even more important. Read on to find out how, what, and why your compliance should be smartly executed.

Although IT is a relatively new industry, the laws that govern it have been evolving for more than a century. This is because data protection laws along with regulations are fundamentally built on the rights to privacy and access to information. 

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Topics: Adoption and Change Management

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